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Big Block Moments: Katie Kirk Powell

By June 18, 2021

Wedding image courtesy of ClouStudio

June 8 was supposed to be the biggest day of Katie (née Kirk) Powell’s life: her wedding day. But on the Wednesday prior, she received a call that threatened to derail the plans she and her fiancé had been creating for the past two years.

At four o’clock, the owner of Powell’s event venue sent her an email stating they had not received liability insurance for her event. If they didn’t have it by the end of that day, she wouldn’t be able to hold her wedding there on Saturday.

Block Insurance Saves the Day

“I am not a bridezilla whatsoever, but that was my only bridezilla moment,” said Powell. “I went into pure panic mode, Googling stuff, and I couldn’t get ahold of my fiancé.”

In desperation, Powell called Block Insurance, where she and her fiancé had their homeowners and auto policies. 

Stephanie Winegardner, senior account advisor, answered the phone and immediately took charge of the situation.

“I was driving in a panicked mess, and thank God for her,” said Powell. “She was so calm and knew exactly what I needed.”

Winegardner helped walk Powell through the situation and quickly found an option for her to purchase the insurance coverage she needed. After a 45-minute phone call, Powell had the certification for the insurance in hand and ready to give to her venue.

“She completely saved my life,” said Powell. “I know it was her job, and I get that, but she didn’t have to go above and beyond, and she definitely saved me some serious grief.”

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More Help From Block Insurance

Powell’s wedding day wasn’t the only time Block Insurance was there to lend a helping hand.

A few months ago, Powell was involved in a car accident and had trouble dealing with the other person’s insurance company. Andrea Turner, customer service agent, and the Block team helped her through the process and dealt with the other company.

And on Powell’s honeymoon, when she and her husband realized they had forgotten to pay their insurance premium, they called Block and were able to handle everything over the phone once more.

Powell said the way Block has treated her and her husband means they won’t be looking elsewhere for insurance anytime soon.

“You can tell they’re definitely people that are there for their customers, not just to provide insurance. It’s really nice that you’re not just a number there,” she said.

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