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Big Block Moments: Sydney’s First Home

By June 18, 2021Uncategorized

First-time homebuyer Sydney Buffenbarger wasn’t planning on buying a home in 2020. But when she did, Block Insurance was there to help make the insurance process smooth. 

Learn more about how Block Insurance helped Sydney, plus get tips on what to look for when you’re choosing homeowner’s insurance.

Buying a First Home in 2020

Buffenbarger, a Waynesfield native, said her home-buying process got off to a quick start.

“I just decided that my financials were there, and it was time for me and my daughter to start being on our own,” she said. 

She said the COVID-19 pandemic did make the process go a bit slower than she expected, but in the end, everything worked out. And when it was time to discuss insurance needs, she knew who to call.

“My family has always gone through Block … so I called them and told them what I needed, and they were super helpful,” she said. Customer service agent Andrea Turner helped her throughout the whole process, discussed options, and gave Buffenbarger tips on what to look for. 

“I would absolutely recommend Block to others,” Buffenbarger said. 

Now, Buffenbarger and her one-year-old daughter, Nora, are moved into their new home and loving it. 

“When we pull in, she’ll say, ‘Mommy’s house!’ In the beginning, it was different, because she wasn’t used to it. But now she loves it and we’re both doing great in it,” she said. 

What Kind of Homeowner’s Insurance Do I Need?

Homeowner’s insurance is customized to your specific needs and the amount you need to cover. Most homeowner’s insurance policies include the following four types of coverage:

  1. Coverage for the structure itself
  2. Coverage for your personal belongings
  3. Liability protection
  4. Additional living expenses (the cost of living elsewhere if your home was destroyed) 

And within those categories, there are many variables that can affect how much you’ll pay. As you shop for a new home, remember that all these things can have an impact on your homeowner’s insurance

  • How close the local fire department is (yes, really) 
  • The age of the home
  • The condition of the roof
  • Whether there’s a risk of flooding
  • If there’s a swimming pool, trampoline or other special feature

Your insurance agent can help you choose the right amount of coverage that also fits your budget. 

Get Homeowner’s Insurance Help From Block Insurance 

Homeowner’s insurance can help protect your space and the things you cherish. At Block Insurance, our licensed, trained team is here to help you assess your home’s value and understand the different types of coverage available.

Reach out to one of our agents today for an assessment of your home and property. They’ll help you find a policy with adequate coverage at a price you can afford. Let our team get your free quote started today.

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