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20 Ways to Celebrate Your First Real Job

By June 18, 2021Uncategorized

Interview smiles and nervous handshakes no more: You’ve finally accepted your first “real” job! Whether you’re just out of school or you’ve been on the hunt for a while, getting a job you can feel good about is something to celebrate.

20 Fun Ideas for Celebrating a New Job

Give yourself permission to do something you enjoy after your big accomplishment. Get started with our list of 20 ideas below, or come up with your own ideas. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to slow down and have fun.

      1. Take a small trip

        See the sights in your own hometown, or check out an interesting corner of the state for a day. Whether it’s a day trip to a cheesy tourist attraction or a quiet hike in a state park, there’s plenty to see in your own backyard.

      2. Take a big trip

        Plan an adventure you’ll remember, whether it involves sunny beaches or windswept mountains, and use those vacation days. Whether you go old-school through a travel agent or book your own trip, you’ll make some great memories.

      3. Give your car some pampering

        Car trouble? Upgrade your tires, get your battery replaced, and have those dents removed from the door. Or, if your car is really on its last legs, start exploring your options for a new or new-to-you vehicle.

      4. Buy a new piece of furniture

        Ditch the bean-bag chair from your freshman dorm room and pick out something a little more grown-up. And don’t feel like you have to shell out big bucks for a nice piece – look for quality you can afford.

      5. Go to the spa

        Relax with a massage, a new haircut, or a visit to the barber. And if you feel guilty, remember that a massage isn’t just an indulgence – it has proven health benefits.

      6. Eat at your favorite restaurant, or try a new one

        Brave the new sashimi place on the corner or head to your favorite haunt. If you’re stuck in a restaurant rut, choose something new off the menu that you couldn’t make at home. Or, if you’re really feeling brave, let your dining partner pick something for you!

      7. Go to a show by your favorite band

        There’s no better feeling than temporary deafness after a good concert. And just like getting a massage, going to a concert has proven wellness benefits, from stress reduction to getting some exercise.

      8. Host a get-together with friends or family

        Pop some champagne, set up a BBQ, or just play tried-and-true board games. If you’re feeling ambitious, try bringing back the old-school dinner party with these tips from Bon Appétit.

      9. Settle in for a movie marathon

        Bonus points if you can fit an entire series into one day. While some pro movie marathoners suggest watching 26.2 hours – the same number as there are miles in a real marathon – we think just a few would also do the trick.

      10. Sign up for a class

        Quilling? Tap dancing? Piano lessons? Try something that intrigues you. Explore your local newspaper or magazine, check on social media, or visit the library to discover classes near you.

      11. Pick out a book that interests you

        Finally read an old classic, or try a book from an up-and-coming author. Sites like Whichbook can help you find something you’re interested in by searching for themes, plot elements, character traits and more. Or, just head to a library or bookstore and browse away.

      12. Give yourself a day to do whatever you want

        No schedule, no responsibilities, no problem. Everybody needs a true day off now and then. Whether you – gasp! – give up your smartphone for a day or finally catch up on your favorite Netflix series, you’ll feel more relaxed and productive when you’ve had a chance to recharge.

      13. Hire someone to take care of the housework or yard

        Let’s face it – they’re professionals and they’ll probably do a better job, anyway. You’ll save some time and feel great that your house is finally clean. If all else fails, the middle-schooler next door will probably go for a $20 offer to rake leaves.

      14. Start a retirement savings account

        Planning for a killer retirement counts as fun in our book. Start by learning about the types of accounts you can open, or check with your HR department if there’s a retirement plan offered through your job.

      15. Make (or buy) your favorite dessert

        Don’t worry about perfection; as with people, desserts show it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Bake your favorite strawberry cheesecake, whip up some cookies, or if you’re looking for a fun challenge, explore the web for traditional dessert recipes that hail from your ancestral home.

      16. Get tickets for your favorite sports team’s game

        Head down to the arena, stadium, or field and see the action up close. If you’re not into watching sports, do something active that you enjoy, like ice skating, tossing a frisbee or taking a walk.

      17. Pick a day to sleep in

        Hey, you’ve got a new job now – you need some time to rest up. Did you know that in most states east of the Mississippi, up to 44 percent of adults are sleep-deprived? You’re probably one of them, so do yourself a favor and start getting more rest.

      18. Buy yourself flowers

        Brighten up your space with some fresh florals…or, you know, a succulent. Again, flowers have benefits beyond just looking pretty. They’ve been shown to reduce patients’ blood pressure and anxiety when placed in their hospital rooms.

      19. Choose a new wardrobe item for this season

        Upgrade your peeling heels or faded jeans for a quality item you’ll wear for years to come. And you don’t have to pay top dollar – many a designer item has found its way to a thrift store for substantial savings.

      20. Try something different in your city or town

        Be a tourist in your own town: Visit a museum or try a tour near you. If you’ve passed the same building, park or coffee shop a million times and never stopped in, now’s your chance. And learning the history behind your city is always fun – you never know what secrets you’ll uncover.

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