Commercial Agriculture and Farmowner Insurance

Your farm is your livelihood and your passion. We’re here to help keep it that way.

We tailor farm coverage to fit your operation, whether you’re raising livestock and growing crops, or providing commercial farm services.

Our insurance agents will work with you to find an affordable policy to fit your needs. Contact us today to get your free quote started.

How We Insure You

Farm insurance isn’t a standard one-size-fits-all policy. Every farm is unique, so we custom-build each policy for you.

When you request a quote, we’ll come to you and see your operation so we can better understand what you need. We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty and make sure your policy will protect you. And because nearly a third of our customers are farmers, we know what it takes to provide the right policy.

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“They know the area … they know everything going on and what the needs are, so they can adjust to that. There are even times they’ll call me and update me on something that’s going on. I don’t think you get that in a bigger city area.”  – Greg Bowsher, farm insurance customer

Farm Coverage Policy Options

We offer a variety of farm coverage options from a number of carriers, including:

Farmowner policies

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Farm product insurance

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Umbrella coverage

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Commercial agriculture service coverage

And more

Why Do Farmers Need Umbrella Insurance?

An umbrella policy sits on top of your existing policy. If your standard farm policy or your farm auto policy limits aren’t sufficient to pay for any damages or injuries that you’re responsible for, the umbrella policy gives you additional coverage.

Here are three reasons all farmers should consider an umbrella policy:

  1. You’re driving larger vehicles, like semis, that cost more and can potentially cause more damage or injury than your normal auto or pickup if an accident happens.
  2. You’re driving farm equipment up and down the road, an extra risk that most people don’t encounter.
  3. You’re the owner of a lot of land. Per acre, farm ground can now cost $10,000 or more. If you own 500 acres, that’s $3,500,000 worth of farmland. So, if you have a farm policy with a $500,000 limit, your assets won’t be protected.

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